Playlist 4 augustus
zondag 30 juni 2013
Aflevering 828

1.City ScapesThe Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama Wind Orchestra
2.Music from TombstoneThe Midwest Winds
3.Golden swing timePolitie Harmonievereniging Hermandad
4.March from Symphonic MetamorphosisRoyal Australian Navy Band
5.Ouverture to the GadflayFanfare Concordia Krimpen aan den IJssel
6.Classic Movie Main Title MiraclesThe Midwest Winds
7.Morricone's MelodyBraasband Soli Deo Gloria
8.LabyrinthDrumfanfare Excelsior Rotterdam
9.WilhelminaKMK JWF
10.The Brandenburg GateThe Midwest Winds